Consumers’ Association findings on illegal dentistry in Ireland Press Release


Adequate consumer protection is lacking in the provision of dentures in Ireland. A Consumer Choice investigation has found unregistered, unregulated providers are potentially treating consumers needing dentures.

Since 2008 a new class of dental worker was established, the clinical dental technician who can directly provide dentures to consumers. This change in how dental services are provided in Ireland was intended to increase competition delivering better value and more choice for consumers. But competition among properly qualified clinical dental technicians is low, of which there are 15 on the regulator’s register. However, a situation has developed where denture providers who have not gained the relevant qualifications to treat consumers directly are operating alongside clinical dental technicians who have.

By law unqualified denture providers can only provide dentures to dentists, and not directly consumers. The Consumers Association of Ireland (CAI) wished to establish if dentures are being provided direct to consumers by unregulated providers – despite such providers not having the adequate clinical qualification deemed sufficient to treat consumers.

We found 35 providers operating in the Dublin area and advertising denture services. Of these, only found 5 are on the Dental Council register. The CAI contacted a random sample of unregistered Dublin denture providers and asked if they would provide dentures to a relative to replace some missing teeth. Our research found that all except one said they would. In fact, over 80% of providers in our survey agreed to provide denture services directly to consumers, despite not being registered.

The research uncovered that consumers are potentially exposed to unregulated and unregistered denture providers in Ireland. This leaves consumers potentially exposed to receiving denture treatment by those not adequately qualified to do so, potentially also compromising the oral health of consumers.

The CAI advises consumers who need new dentures or have issues with their existing dentures to check their denturist is on the Dental Council’s register. If consumers have now or in the past had issues they should report these to the Dental Council.

The full report is published in the May issue of Consumer Choice, the Consumers’ Association of Ireland monthly magazine. For further information, please contact CAI on (01) 497 8600 or


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