Blanchardstown and Navan Denture Studios

Blanchardstown & Navan Denture Studio

Joe Simon

Blanchardstown Denture Studio
10a Clonsilla Road
Balnchardstown, Dublin 15
Tel: 01 820 9043 / 085 248 0256

Navan Denture Studio
Flaxmill House, Mill Lane
Navan, Co Meath
Tel: 046 901 0719 / 085 248 5441

Dentures are manufactured by specialist dental technicians, like Joe Simon. In Ireland, there are only a handful of licensed technicians, who can properly manufacture and install dentures and other dental fittings. Please be sure to check the Dental Council Register before having any work carried out on yourself, or someone under your care.

To make your dentures, Joe will take several measurements and take some impressions of your jaw. Models are then made with wax, or plastic and these will be test fitted to be sure you are getting what you need. Once satisfied, Joe will then have a completed denture cast and will make any required adjustments before final fitting.

We specialise in anything tooth and denture related, including night guards to prevent grinding, gum shields for sports, stabilisation of dentures and all dental repairs.

We know your teeth are important to you, so let us address any dental issues you might have, which could prevent costly work, or discomfort in the future.

We are registered for both public and private practice and will be able to guide you through the entire process of any service you require from us. We make everything easy and straight forward and our knowledge and expertise are at your disposal. We encourage you to ask any questions you might have and to browse our website for information before deciding to contact us.

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